Asset Management

Posted on May 25, 2012

The challenge facing today’s asset management firms is complex: deploy the right human talent and infrastructure, execute the optimum investment strategy, while operating as cost-efficiently as possible. It’s a critical challenge further complicated by government indecision, economic uncertainty, and comply with regulations of the regulating monetary authority. In addition, as the economic macroclimate fluctuates and adopt new norms, asset management business owners and professionals must prepare themselves to embrace and integrate the underlying regulatory and economic environment.

MEETING THE CHALLENGE When choosing Flint & Battery to manage your compliance needs and partner your funding efforts, you proactively deal with stumbling blocks safely before they are presented. Flint & Battery is your partner in meeting existing and incorporating strategy to face regulatory changes.

EFFECTIVE, SECURE Flint & Battery is your effective partner during funding phase. From dealing with the unique aspects of your target investors to meeting the distinctive requirements of asset deployment, Flint & Battery aims to ensure thorough security to you in your offering prospectus, management agreement, subscription agreement and other necessary legal documentation.

COMPREHENSIVE, SPECIALISED Flint & Battery specialises in the legal infrastructure supporting commercial transactions. You will find our extended capability in contracts, asset and share acquisitions, trade mark registration, company secretary services, lease review and negotiation to be a valuable asset to your store of professional services resources.

EXPERTISE Today’s business world demands that business operations follow sound, consistently applied management practices with cyclical adjustment. Let us review your strategy and substructure to create a legal foundation appropriate for your needs.

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