Flint & Battery Adds European Union Capability

Posted on Feb 17, 2016

European Union Flag

Flint & Battery LLC, Singapore Law Firm (www.flintbattery.com), announced on 17 February 2016 an association with Altheis Ltd with office located in London, UK. This association will add capability in transactions within the European Union. Altheis provides legal advice and consultancy for the following:

– International transactions and transactions within the European Union, including governance, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures
– International trade in the European Union internal market and South East Asian market, including commercial contracts and sales
– Transfer of technologies and know-how
– R&D&I partnership agreements and intellectual property rights
– Small and medium enterprises
– European Union procurement
– Lobbying to European Union institutions (laws and policies)

Says Winston, “The depth of experience of Altheis in European Union transactions is key. I am impressed with the commitment and work ethic of the team. There is nothing one-dimensional about the competencies of Altheis.”

Mrs K. Fulrad, Director and Founder, Altheis Ltd, is former Legal Expert to the European Commission and is a Legal Expert registered with the European Union Commission and Parliament and is bilingual in French, English and is conversant in German and Italian. Mrs K. Fulrad is a registered lobbyist to the European Parliament and Altheis Ltd is registered with the Transparency Register of the European Union (Luxembourg).

Working closely with Mrs K. Fulrad are Mathieu Gilles-Kerdreux and Choophong Maisuk.

Mr Gilles-Kerdreux is an Attorney-at-Law of the Paris Bar and specialises in corporate and commercial transactions as well as Private International Law. He serves a variety of clients including French, US and South East Asian businesses. He is bilingual in French and English and is conversant in Italian.

Mr Maisuk is an Attorney-at Law called to the Thailand Bar and specialises in business laws, real estate and land laws, immigration, litigation and arbitrations relating to commercial and business matters including torts and international trade. Mr Maisuk is experienced at all levels of the Supreme Court of Thailand, including the First Courts, Appeal Courts and Supreme Court.

Mrs K. Fulrad says, “Flint & Battery is the ideal partner and adds new breadth to our collective knowledge. We are thrilled to be able to work with such a dynamic team. Its attitude is cutting edge and traditional at the same time.”

Flint & Battery LLC is a Singapore Law Firm specialising in commercial transactions, commercial and civil litigation, private clients and wealth and estate planning.