Investment Fund Compliance

Posted on Jul 9, 2019

Monetary Authority of Singapore

The legal framework in which the investment management industry operates is subject to rapid changes, especially in the present climate, presenting a number of different challenges for the industry.


In recent times, such changes are motivated by international tax treaties, efforts to step up against money laundering and terrorism financing, and the effect of new technology on the finance industry including the advent of cryptocurrency, personal data protection, and the evolving ecosystem of the internet. Recent legislative changes include the enactment of Economic Substance Laws, the EU General Data Protection Regulation. National governments or supranational organisations impose increasing obligations in respect of operational compliance, reporting, and audit obligations.

In order to face these industry challenges, funds and investment managers are having to focus more on reporting, and audit procedure refinements.

Compliance services
Flint & Battery offers investment fund compliance services through its affiliate Credence Consulting Pte Ltd which provides the investment funds industry with a broad range of services to respond to a fast and ever-changing environment. 

Flint & Battery LLC is an international law practice licensed in Singapore. Credence Consulting is an affiliate of Flint & Battery.