Legal Solutions: the Enterprise

Posted on Aug 30, 2011

Flint & Battery LLC understands the challenges faced by enterprise organizations. FlintEnterprise provides your comprehensive legal solution which is custom-designed to ensure that your pipeline, cash flow, channel, supply chain, compliance, privacy, funding and strategic partnership needs are secure. We undertake to integrate your corporate, marketing, sales and disaster recovery strategy with legal policy across your entire enterprise. We will work closely with your team to analyse current needs, develop strategies that take into account future challenges and deliver solutions that apply proven best practices across all locations:

Pipeline and cash flow — Our goal here is to assure the efficient delivery of the critical element of pipeline and cash flow of products and services through the use of appropriate commitment mechanisms, security interest, assurance deposit, liquidated damages, insurance, dispute resolution management and other methods. As a result, your exposure to delinquent payment systemic risks will be improved and complexity and cost of resolutions from forecast scenarios regulated.

Marketing — Support your enterprise marketing machine by securing the right to announcing major customer sign-ups and strategic channel tie-ups.

Channels — With comprehensive documentation of your channel partner’s sales commitment and your informal and formal support structure with review timeline and criteria, your channel partner will benefit from this visibility and your enterprise will benefit from certainty of your support overhead cost.

Supply chain — Protect your supply chain through adopting the right approach to insurance, liquidated damages strategy, payment procedure, payment schedule, retention amounts, indemnifications for breach, privacy requirements, early termination or termination for convenience. You will require a rational and comprehensive procurement strategy to that is able to empower your operations department to respond quickly and purposefully to business challenges and opportunities.

Partnership – Where regional, segmental or vertical partnerships are entered into, you will require co-management rights, exit strategy, anti-dilution, anti-competition, management veto rights to be safeguarded.

Compliance and privacy — A well defined and executed compliance strategy will reduce your compliance cost and avoid time resources diverted to firefight remedial and enforcement action required by regulatory bodies. Ensure that trade secrets which include corporate strategy and pricing strategy are defended with comprehensive non-disclosure obligations imposed on relevant persons on a timely basis. Review your enterprise’s confidentiality commitments and ration exposure to indemnifications.

Intellectual property – Rationalise and maintain your intellectual property assets. Ensure that registrable intellectual property is originated at the appropriate time to maximise cashflow impact and existing intellectual property renewed on a timely basis. Your enterprise will benefit from robust documentation of non-registrable intellectual assets to safeguard and improve the quality of this asset class.

Funding— The deployment of equity, loan, convertibles and hybrid funding and bridge financing require careful consideration of tax, repatriation and financial ratios. You will need to ensure that the definition of critical financial ratios match applicable accounting standards. In certain cases, co-management rights, anti-dilution, anti-competition and management veto rights will come into play.

Flint & Battery’s enterprise services are designed to allow you to quickly deploy new capability without setting out capital expense, extensive execution timelines or an in-house solution and we allow you to scale your legal solution cost effectively. Our job is to help you regain control of your legal strategy without losing control of your budget—and every day, our success is measured in the trust of our clients worldwide. Contact Flint & Battery to gain new perspectives on your business.