Litigation, Disputes, Claims

Posted on Nov 7, 2013

Injuries, Property Damage, Breach of Contract, Economic Losses, etc.

Flint & Battery is committed to an all-encompassing approach to claims and disputes. Such claims and disputes can arise from injuries, property damage, breach of contract, loss of profits, intellectual property claims or other forms of economic loss. From issuing process to enforce your rights, responding to claims, writs and injunctions, to creation of pre-dispute corporate policies, Flint & Battery will guide you step-by-step throughout the process to ensure total commitment to your claims or dispute management strategy. We understand that every claim is customized to a client’s particular needs. The security of your receivables, balance sheet and managing your liability matter to us as much as business execution and generating new revenue.  

Malicious Claims, Shareholder Disputes, etc.

  • Clients have turned to Flint & Battery for guidance to cope with malicious, offensive claims.
  • We have worked closely with clients to manage their rights on shareholder, joint venture disputes.

Litigation: New Technologies, New Economy.

Today’s world requires a new level of sophistication and creates new challenges for you and your business. Social media, digital platforms, changing and new technologies change the way disputes unfold and how claims are pursued against you. Low interest rates, unhurried US and Europe economies, constant inflationary and bubble perils: each demand and compete for your continuous attention as they define the new normal. Green technologies, emerging energy sources, changing needs and wants of the luxury and middle classes challenge your innovation and creativity to create new or revitalise existing products and businesses.   With these changes, you will be required to be updated on techniques which you need to employ to prove, track and maximise your claims. Flint & Battery aims that its constant involvement in new technology and business landscape will help you future-proof your needs, assets and interests.  

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