Meet the Team

Prof (Retd) Lakshmikanth Rao PENNA, Advocate of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, India; Advocate and Solicitor, Republic of Singapore (2001).

Winston WONG, Attorney and Counselor-at-law, New York State, US (2003); Advocate and Solicitor, Republic of Singapore (2001).

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Winston WONG, Attorney and Counselor-at-law, New York State, US (2003); Advocate and Solicitor, Republic of Singapore (2001).


Skype: winstonwong6 . M: +65 90091081 / +65 852 81700480 . T: +65 6438 4330 . F: +65 6829 7282 . E:


1. Technology: In-house Asia counsel in US and Singapore global technology businesses.

  • US/Nasdaq-driven compliance requirements;
  • Asia compliance matters;
  • Operations, tenders, procurement; and
  • Corporate functions.

2. Corporate/commercial and capital markets transactions

  • Transactions, contracts, compliance, etc.


1. Corporate/Commercial

  • Represented clients in:
    • Australia;
    • Cambodia;
    • Hong Kong;
    • India;
    • Korea;
    • Malaysia;
    • New Zealand;
    • North Korea;
    • PRC;
    • Singapore;
    • US; and
    • Vietnam.
  • Transactions include:
    • acquisitions;
    • joint venture agreements;
    • shareholders’ agreements;
    • leases;
    • manufacturing contracts;
    • distribution contracts;
    • sale of goods contracts;
    • licensing contracts;
    • technology transfer contracts; and
    • corporate restructuring: Singapore operations of TSE-listed business.

2. Private equity

  • Represented investors relating to investments of Singapore, PRC, Indonesian and Malaysian assets: Joint ventures, shareholders’ agreements; Investment and share/asset purchase agreements.
  • Asian telecommunications content business: Advised and negotiated first stage investment terms, investment structure and pricing.
  • PRC commercial real estate investment trust: Supervised and negotiated planning of investment structure with all parties.

3. Capital markets

  • Counsel for listing underwriters.
  • Counsel for shareholders: Privatisation of SGX listco.
  • Counsel for SGX listcos: Share placements, bonus and warrant issue transactions; loan restructure, rights issue and term loan facility; voluntary liquidation; public float compliance issues; capital reductions; initial listings and reverse takeovers of SGX listcos; major acquisitions.
  • Fund documentation: Compliance with Singapore laws/MAS regulations; preparation of fund documents for Singapore-based fund managers.

4. Real Property

  • Represented buyer for purchase of and construction involving real property in Tokyo.
  • Represented principal for leasing of and construction involving real property in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo as well as Sydney.
  • Conveyances of:
    • Singapore private commercial, residential property;
    • JTC industrial property;
    • HDB residential property;
    • Financing, refinancing, mortgages, discharges, etc. in Singapore;
    • Landlord and tenant transactions; and
    • Powers of attorney, wills, trusts.

5. Securities industry

  • Advised securities and futures broking companies on regulations and compliance issues.
  • Implemented scheme of arrangement / capital reorganization.

6. Tobacco industry

  • Acted for global tobacco groups in respect of Asia-Pacific expansion, manufacturing, operational and compliance matters.
  • Drafted manufacturing and distribution contracts for global tobacco businesses.

7. Netball Singapore (NS) (Accredited National Sports Association, Singapore Sports Council)

  • Member, Management Committee, NS (2005-2012)
  • Chairman, Audit Committee, NS (2010-2012)
  • Chairman, legal and disciplinary sub-committee, NS (2005-2012)
  • Chairman, legal sub-committee, Singapore Netball Super League tournament (2005-2012)


Prof (Retd) Lakshmikanth Rao PENNA, B.Com. (1956), LL.B. (1958), LL.M. (Osmania, 1960), LL.M. (Stanford, 1964), FSiArb (Singapore); Advocate of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, India; Advocate and Solicitor, Republic of Singapore.


M: +65 9665 3431 . T: +65 6438 4330 . F: +65 6829 7282 . E:

International Commercial Arbitration, India Practice

Prof Penna was a consultant for more than 10 years in Lee & Lee in joint law venture with Hogan Lovells, where he was involved in numerous international arbitrations, domestic civil cases and criminal cases. Prof Penna has extensive experience in contentious and non-contentious international commercial matters, international criminal matters and had been members of various international governmental delegations.

Prof Penna was an Associate Professor of the Faculty of Law at NUS during the period of 1984-2005. He taught at the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore (NUS), and introduced five new subjects into the Law Faculty. Prior to joining NUS in 1984, during the period of 1960-1990, Prof Penna was with the University College of Law, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India the Professor of Law and was eventually appointed Principal of the University College of Law, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.

Prof Penna is an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore. He is also an advocate of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, India, eligible to practice throughout India.

He is a member of the Government of Singapore Income Tax Board of Review and an appointed Adjudicator of the Financial Industry Dispute Resolution Centre (FIDReC).

Contentious international commercial matters

  • Advised the concessionaire in an International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) arbitration relating to the annulment and forfeiture of a BOT project by the Government of the Republic of the Philippines worth over USD 600 million in regard to the Manila International Airport Terminal 3.
  • Briefed the Government of Islamic Republic of Iran in an American company’s claim of USD 1.4 billion before the US-Iran Claims Tribunal, The Hague, The Netherlands,   arising from statutory annulment of oil exploration / exploitation concessions.
  • Involved in an ICC arbitration relating to shareholders agreement between parties which include a leading bank in the Philippines.
  • Represented an American company in an ICC arbitration filed by an Indonesian corporate entity for power generation in Indonesia.
  • Appointed Sole Arbitrator in a Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) arbitration between Singapore and Indian parties.
  • Represented a Japanese MNC in a matter relating to in exports to India allegedly in contravention of the “Rules Of Origin” under the India-Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA).
  • Advised an American MNC in regard to alleged breaches of the Singapore-Japan Free Trade Agreement.
  • Co-counsel for a Japanese MNC in an ICC arbitration against one of the largest Government of India Public Sector Undertakings.
  • Adjudicated claims in Singapore arising from the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc
  • Involved in an international arbitration between an Asian and European major breweries.
  • Represented an Indian MNC in claim of damages arising from the alleged breach of an international sale of goods agreement.
  • Represented a case for a Singapore client in an international software contract with a Switzerland company.
  • Represented a case for a large statutory body of Singapore before the Court of Appeal and the High Court on a decision involving the interpretation of statutory powers.

International non-contentious commercial matters

  • Involved in preparing due diligence for the lender banks in developing one of the casinos in Singapore.
  • Advised a Japanese MNC in appointing marketing agents in India.
  • Advised a Japanese MNC on tax liability in India.
  • Briefed the Monetary Authority of Singapore on  Islamic Law of Banking and Finance. In this matter, MAS had made recommendations to adjust banking laws to facilitate Islamic financing.
  • Completed a legal diligence for an American manufacturer with world-wide distribution on the marketing of dietary supplements in India.
  • Obtained for a Singapore government corporation operating as a Foreign Institutional Investor in India deletion of clause 2(8) of the Clearing Member – Constituent Agreement granting access to accounts, records, and computerised data from the National Securities Clearing Corporation Ltd of the National Stock Exchange, Mumbai, India with the approval of the India Securities and Exchange Board.
  • Briefed a number of professional and business groups on the legal regime and incentives for Foreign Direct Investments in various sectors especially in the construction industry in India.

International criminal matters

  • Advised an American resident in Singapore in a prosecution for complicity in a transnational high profile bribery case.
  • Advised British Virgin Islands incorporated clients implicated in prosecution relating to foreign investments in India and money laundering.
  • Involved in matters regarding the extradition of an Indonesian person from Singapore to Australia.
  • Represented a client in a case of criminal breach of trust in Singapore.

International governmental missions/delegations

  • Member of the Government of Singapore Business Delegation to India in 2003 lead by the then Honourable Prime Minister Mr Goh Chok Tong.
  • Member, Government of India Delegation to the United Nations Second World Conference on Human Rights, Vienna (1993) headed by the present Prime Minister (then Finance Minister)  Dr Manmohan Singh, and its Preparatory Committee meetings at Geneva and Asian Regional Meetings at Bangkok.
  • Member of the Law Society of Singapore’s Legal Mission to India visiting Courts, regulatory authorities and government institutions in Mumbai and New Delhi (2006).
  • Resource Person, Attorney General’s Chambers, Republic of Singapore, for the United Nations preparatory process on the establishment of the International Criminal Court (1993-1998).

Conferences, Seminars, Presentations

  • “International Protection of Atmosphere and Climate Change,” in the annual Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National University of Singapore Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law (APCEL) Workshops on Urban and Industrial Environmental Management for Overseas Environmental Officers (2007- 2010).
  • “Law relating to Foreign Direct Investments in Real Estate in India,” 2 day  Conference (August  2007).
  • “Legal Considerations for Foreign Investors,” LexisNexis Conference on “India: Market Outlook and Entry Strategies – Key Legal, Tax and Financial Considerations,” (2007).
  • “Regulatory Framework for Foreign Investments in India” and “The Law of Contracts in India” at a conference sponsored by the Singapore Accountancy Academy, the training arm of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants and The Chartered Institute of Management Accounts (CIMA) (2006).
  • “Arbitration: The International Perspectives,” as the Co-Chair of the session on “Arbitration: The International Perspective” of the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM)’s International Conference on “Arbitration: The Indian Experience and Global Trends,” New Delhi (2006).
  • “The Permanent International Criminal Court: Progress, Problems and Prospects,” International Committee of the Red Cross Asian Symposium on Contemporary Issues in International Humanitarian Law, Kuala Lumpur (2006).
  • “International Protection of the Atmosphere and Climate Change,” Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law  Workshop on Urban and Industrial Environment Management, Singapore (2006, 2007).
  • “Fundamental Guarantees in International Humanitarian law,” Asian African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO) and the International Committee of the Red Cross  (ICRC)  Conference to Mark the Publication of the ICRC Study on “Customary International Humanitarian Law,” New Delhi (2005).
  • “Free Trade Zones in India,” Key Media conference on  “Foreign Collaboration, Trade and Investments in India Conference,” Singapore (2004).
  • “Legal and other incentives for the construction industry in India,” Singapore Institute of Architects (2004).
  • “Islamic Law of Banking and Finance,” Lee & Lee and Lovells seminar (2003).
  • “Islamic Law and International Law,” Attorney General’s Chambers Annual Workshop on International Law (2003).
  • “Islamic Humanitarian Law and the International Criminal Court,” Saudi Arabian International Conference on “Human Rights in Peace and War,” Riyadh (2003).
  • “Directors’ responsibilities in India”, Singapore Business Federation sponsored (2003)
  • Seminar on “Directors responsibilities in India, China, and Indonesia,” Singapore (2003).
  • “Legal framework for Foreign Investments in India,”  International Enterprise Singapore sponsored seminar, Singapore (2003).

Institutions, Committees, Research

  • Visiting Faculty, Police Academy of Singapore (1999 – 2003).
  • Visiting Faculty, Civil Service Institute (1986 – 1998).
  • Visiting Scholar, Stanford Law School, Stanford University, California, USA (1997, 1994).
  • Member of the Executive Committee, Asia Pacific Centre for Environmental Law (APCEL) until 2005 – currently Associate Member.
  • Member, IUCN World Conservation Union, Commission on Environmental Law.
  • Gastwissenchaftler (guest scholar), Max-Planck-Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany (1989). Prof Penna was involved in multidisciplinary research on money laundering and its prevention followed by presenting a seminar attended by Germany’s senior law enforcement officials.
  • President, All India Law Teachers’ Association (1978).
  • Visiting Professor, Columbus School of Law, Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. USA.
  • Participated in the research programmes of the Hague Academy of International law (1970, 1973).