Flint & Battery comprises the International Law Practice, European Union Legislation and Policy Consultancy and Source Code Escrow Services. We have offices located in Bangkok, Dhaka, Jakarta, London, Paris, Perth and Singapore.


International Law Practice

  • Crime
    • Drug Offences
    • Road Traffic Offences
    • Prosecutions under the Insurance Act, Securities and Futures Act and Financial Advisors Act
    • Prevention of Corruption Act
    • Capital Offences
    • Prosecutions under the Penal Code
    • Immigration and Customs Offences
  • Disputes: litigation, mediation, arbitration
    • probate disputes
    • shareholder/commercial disputes: joint ventures, breach of contract, intellectual property infringement
    • civil/injury claims
  • Corporate/commercial transactions
    • Tenders, procurements, contracts, franchises, channels/distribution, manufacturing
    • Mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, shareholder agreements, amalgamations, MOUs
    • Foreign investments
    • Intellectual property
  • Funds, capital markets
    • Private equity, asset management
    • Mutual Funds/Unit Trusts: Funds formation/establishment, restructure, dissolution, compliance, regulations, operations
    • Private placements: bonds, shares
  • Private clients
    • Real estate, wealth management, probate, trusts, conveyances
  • Shipping practice
    • Dry shipping work: bills of lading and charter party dispute, afreightment claims, cargo claims, ship building, equipping, rigging, repairing and conversion disputes, ship sale and purchase, MOA disputes, Ship Finance and mortgage, ship acquisition and disposal and Oil and LNG carriage disputes.
    • Wet shipping work: admiralty and casualties, collision and striking liabilities, fires, total losses, loss of and damage to cargos, limitation of liability, salvage and wreck removals, pilotage, towage, oil and HNS pollution, general average, guarantees and securities.
    • Trade financing, vessel financing, sale and purchase of vessels, operation of ships and offshore equipment, bunkering contracts, marine insurance.
    • Ship arrest, prevention of wrongful arrest, release of ships providing securities or without security, reduction of security, enforced sale or prevention of wrongful sale.
  • Technology practice: Tenders, regulations, licensing, technology transactions/contracts
  • Resources practice: Mining, concessions
  • Commissioning: Commissioner for Oaths (Republic of Singapore)

European Union Legislation and Policy Consultancy

  • Advise public bodies and private businesses regarding EU national/international policy and legal issues
  • Advise on regulatory and compliance framework of EU markets
  • Advise on EU legislation and EU funding programmes including the Common Strategic Framework for Research and Innovation
  • Provide European lobbying consultancy to define a strategy to intervene in the rulemaking process of European institutions
  • Advise on the Transnational Cooperation framework in setting up EGTC, EIEG groupings and other legal bodies
  • Facilitates participation at EU procurements within the appropriate consortium and partnership and assist in drafting project proposals including financial sections
  • Advise on EU export legislation and policies

Technology Services