Source Code Escrow

Posted on Aug 14, 2013

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Software and Technology Source Code Escrow Protection

Flint & Battery allows you to manage risks when entering into a software development and licensing contract with your trusted solutions provider. FlintTechnology allows you to place your software source code in a secure location.

Security is the key to a smooth and mutually beneficial business transaction. Often, the key to a successful business relationship is with the assistance of a neutral third party, particularly in the case of mission-critical software, proprietary information or technology licensing is in play.

Unforeseen events can disrupt crucial business operations backed by software infrastructure. For example, a developer may not be able to support its product in the future—whether due to a bankruptcy, an end-of-life announcement or a merger, acquisition or strategic partnership. In these crucial circumstances, your disaster recovery architecture demands that source code to your essential IT infrastructure is released to you. This source code will facilitate recreating, maintaining and supporting your application environment moving forward.

FlintTechnology’s Software Escrow Services offer secure physical storage and release is authorised only after verification meets contractual requirements.

Advantages for licensees
– Reduce the risk of licensing software
– Maintain control over decisions to acquire new technology, through assurance that existing software will continue to support your business and operations

Advantages for licensors/developers
– Build trust with customers by addressing technology protection and disaster recovery concerns
– You can help your customers reduce the risks of licensing software and their business continuity practices
– Improve your standing with your offering of risk management practices through a trusted provider

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