Legal Department On Tap, 24-7

Flint & Battery LLC offers the blueprint to ensure your operations and corporate functions are managed optimally and efficiently.

From the rapid expansion of operations activity and corporate transactions, ranging from commissioning, implementation, customer service, funding, litigation and privacy regulations, you face an ever increasing demand to review customer banking, tender, procurement templates, navigate and adapt to the fluctuating regulatory regime, consider amendments to your own templates and create customised contracts for unique situations. You face numerous scenario planning based on the contract and licence terms you have entered into. And, while these challenges are placing increased pressure on your operational budgets, the risk of not addressing them is an even greater threat to your organisation.

You will be able to design, plan, and implement cost-effective legal policies that alleviate the stress on your business and your budget. At the same time, you’ll be better positioned to meet the growing minefield of indemnities, Singapore regulations and guidelines, early termination clauses, liquidated damages, default clauses, global regulatory compliance obligations and be better prepared to mitigate the risks and high cost of potential litigation, penalties and time lost from rectification efforts.

  • Flint & Battery will make available to your business our legal advice, services and staff on a competitive bulk rate, on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly fixed basis customised to suit your needs.
  • Our retainer will allow crucial members of your staff to have on tap legal services when needed and when opportunity strikes for you.
  • A long term programme has an enabling effect to the essential members of your staff.
  • Your staff may freely utilise our resources without the need of a time consuming process of seeking approval for each specific expense.
  • Smaller queries and contracts will receive the attention it needs where they ordinarily do not.
  • Empower your staff to customise the scope of legal review to ensure it falls within the budgeted amount.
  • You can tailor the quantum and tenor of legal resource is available to each department, if necessary.
  • On a risk management perspective, senior management adds an additional firewall against liabilities and penalties which can be prevented because timely advice is not sought from the right resource.

Flint & Battery will be honoured to be able to work alongside your business to reach your next level. We will report to you how much legal resource is utilised by each department and on what matter work was done for.

  • Legal resource reporting is invaluable in middle and senior management’s role to monitor, quantify and control risk and liability assumed by each department and by the business as a whole.
  • Understanding risks undertaken by monitoring of what risks are booked by the business or individual department will assist management assess and develop policies to require certain types or values of contracts, licensing requirements, transactions, tenders require risk assessment or clearance.
  • Management can rationalise categories of contractual clauses (liquidated damages, legal disclaimer, legal indemnity, etc) to be submitted for assessment, approval or customisation.
  • Your policies can safeguard your organisation from costs and risks and improve audit and litigation readiness.
  • You can meet new and emerging marketplace challenges.

Partnering with our proficient team, you will be able to reduce the costs, complexity, and risks associated with today’s compliance, investment, funding, regulatory and contractual challenges. And, once your programme is in place, we will provide the support necessary training to the vital members of your staff to maximize your operational effectiveness.

Contact Flint & Battery today to find out what Flint & Battery can do for you. Gain new ground today.

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