Flint & Battery gives back to sports

Beacons in Singapore Basketball and Netball: Pathman, Ling tirelessly give to sports “We are super grateful for all the help given to us by Flint & Battery,” says Pathman Matialakan of the Singapore Slingers Basketball Team and husband of Li Ling. “I was surprised by Flint & Battery’s proposal to back and commit assistance to the sportspeople of Singapore. It is heartwarming …

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Singapore Skyline

India Practice, Arbitration

Flint & Battery LLC adds Professor Lakshmikanth Rao Penna Professor Penna commences at Flint & Battery LLC 2 April 2014 and leads India Transactions and International Commercial Arbitrations. Professor Penna brings extensive experience in international criminal matters and had served in various international governmental delegations and in international commercial matters. Professor Penna was a consultant …

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The Chain Reaction Project

The Chain Reaction Project: inspiring action This year, we set out to bring an added touch of humanity into our lives; we felt that we should foster compassion and human touch in the lives we touch. At Flint & Battery, we’re not just committed to helping you and your business. We recognize our responsibility to …

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Legal Department On Tap, 24-7

Flint & Battery LLC offers the blueprint to ensure your operations and corporate functions are managed optimally and efficiently. From the rapid expansion of operations activity and corporate transactions, ranging from commissioning, implementation, customer service, funding, litigation and privacy regulations, you face an ever increasing demand to review customer banking, tender, procurement templates, navigate and …

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The Chain Reaction Project

Flint & Battery supports TCRP

Flint & Battery LLC proudly supports TCRP, The Chain Reaction Project. “TCRP’s work towards social responsibility is admirable, ground-breaking and is backed by a solid team of founders who are passionate and committed to the cause,” says Winston Wong, Director of Flint & Battery LLC and partner of TCRP’s cause and mission. “Recent TCRP events, …

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