The Chain Reaction Project

Flint & Battery supports TCRP

Flint & Battery LLC proudly supports TCRP, The Chain Reaction Project. “TCRP’s work towards social responsibility is admirable, ground-breaking and is backed by a solid team of founders who are passionate and committed to the cause,” says Winston Wong, Director of Flint & Battery LLC and partner of TCRP’s cause and mission. “Recent TCRP events, Dili ‘City of Peace’ Marathon (2010) in Timor-Leste, Kilimanjaro Adventure Challenge (2011) in Tanzania, Mount Apo Ultimate Survival Challenge (2012) in Davao, Philippines as well as the upcoming half-marathon event in December 2012 in Siem Reap, speak for themselves in TCRP’s dedication to change.”

“TCRP is a bridge of solidarity and compassion that connect us as fellow human beings…”
– Dr Jose Ramos Horta, Noble Peace Prize Laureate & President of Timor Leste

“TCRP offers a unique approach to raise awareness and support toward social issues around the region. And we are happy that TCRP’s call to action has inspired others to play a part in giving back to society – by being a catalyst for TCRP or by pledging their continuous support for UNIFEM.”
– Pia Bruce, Executive Director, UNIFEM Singapore

“TCRP’s constant devotion to their goals have earned the group the love, respect and admiration of all of us at HIAM-Health, Dili, Timor Leste. Their infectious enthusiasm and ‘can do spirit’, helped our local NGO to finally be recognized by the government here. Now countless lives will be turned around because of this recognition.”
– Jill Hillary, Capacity Builder, HIAM-Health, Timor Leste

Join Flint & Battery’s charge, answer TCRP’s call and be a catalyst for change – visit TCRP at


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