The Chain Reaction Project

The Chain Reaction Project: inspiring action

This year, we set out to bring an added touch of humanity into our lives; we felt that we should foster compassion and human touch in the lives we touch.

At Flint & Battery, we’re not just committed to helping you and your business. We recognize our responsibility to the world — to better the lives of our clients, our legal team and the communities we serve, and to inspire others to do the same. This commitment to inspiring humanity is how we hope to do business every day.

Awareness and touching lives and communities

Beyond just raising cause awareness, we have chosen to dedicate time to develop meaningful partnerships and creating volunteer experiences for the people we touch in the course of our work. In order to make a bigger affirmative impact in all our efforts, Flint & Battery works hand-in-hand with The Chain Reaction Project to foster influential programmes and connect communities.


As Flint & Battery continues to grow with your support, so does our impact in the community. We set out to unite corporate social responsibility with our industry. It’s our business model. It’s a non-stop dedication to align the diverse interests and core values of our company to a meaningful end. We constantly strive to enrich the lives of others every day. We hope to sustaining our environment for future generations. We hope to inspiring our clients and team to do the same, everyday.

Our giving

The Chain Reaction Project: Some time back, Flint & Battery set out to lend support to TCRP. Our ultimate goal was to enable TCRP to fully focus on its core meaning in creating Catalysts for Change and impact society in the greatest possible positive way.

Over the period, we have watched TCRP successfully bring to fruition events having themes in human trafficking, poverty, malnutrition in:
(i) Siem Reap, Cambodia (December 2012, Angkor Wat International Half Marathon) supporting Sala Bai Hotel School,
(ii) Manila, Philippines (May 2013, Manila Bike and Build) supporting Gawad Kalinga,
(iii) Timor-Leste (August 2013, Summit To Sea Adventure) supporting HIAM Health organisation, and
(iv) Angkor Wat (December 2013, Angkor Wat International Half Marathon) supporting Sala Bai Hotel School.

TCRP also organised a number of private events and supported numerous lives and local communities.

Touching individuals

TCRP has also seen a superlative growth in the number of participants. “TCRP has has successfully brought together 637 individual participations across 11 adventures over 4 years,” said Zhang Tingjun, TCRP co-founder. “Through our hard work, we have raised in excess of half a million dollars, dispersed the funds to 5 beneficiary organisations, which in turn touched some 35,000 individuals.”

Flint & Battery proudly supports TCRP. If you’d like to be considered for an in-kind donation to support the cause, please submit an online request to

Your part

We understand that each community has its own unique needs and causes that are important to them. During times of need or urgency, if you would like to express an interest to provide support for the cause you support, please contact us directly at We continue to encourage Flint & Battery’s clients to become advocates for charities and causes that are dear and closest to their hearts. We hope that Flint & Battery’s clients and people we touch will be passionate about the causes they support and act selflessly.

Contact Flint & Battery today to find out how you can inspire people around yourself. Love life for a better world.

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